Launch of BlingFinance v2


Didn’t BlingFinance already exist for a few months? Yes it did! Due to unforseen circumstances though, we had to swap to a new contract and with that, a new token.

The team of BlingFinance and FantasyGold has been working on Bling since October 2020. There have been several tokensales until the end of 2020 and on January 2021, $BLING went live for trading on Uniswap. After a flying start though, one of the team DEVs who created the smartcontract suddenly disappeared and dumped a big chuck of teamtokens on the market, crashing both liquidity and price.

Since the market was not even one week old and main promotion hadn’t started yet, the remaining team members decided not to give up on their project and investors. They have recreated Bling into a new token: BlingV2 in less than 5 days. On January 26 the new token has resumed trading on Uniswap and main promotion is being planned again. Basically only delaying the project for one week.

WARNING! Both the contract address of Bling as well as the exchange on UNISWAP have been changed!! So be careful selecting the right links to the right contracts:

BlingFinance V2 smartcontract: 0xCaff8EcBc2990627ECeC651106f732761B93D11A

Uniswap marketplace:

We are putting our best efforts to update all information on third-party websites as soon as possible. Since we need to rely on these third parties, it can take some time before all info is shown properly.

BlingFinance is a new cross-chain DeFi project, focused on decentralizing DeFi even further